January 9, 2012

Dream Makers

Wow 2012!

Can I get a Woot WOOT from my readership?

I've been so looking forward to this year.  I've had this wonderful sense that this year was going to be a great.  As I took time the last two weeks to really think and dream about goals for 2012 and tweak some existing long term goals, I thought back to some of the things that really helped me to grow as an individual, photographer and business woman. Sharing that feels appropriate...

Here goes:

creativeLIVE     Awesome workshops that you can access online.  Live!  You can than purchase them to watch over and over if you choose.  But while they are happening you can tune in live and soak up the knowledge....FOR....FREE!!!

chasejarvisLIVE    It's Chase Jarvis (awesome).  Free (again...awesome).  Interviewing fascinating folks (once again...AWESOME).

The War of Art: Winning the Inner Creative Battle by Steven Pressfield    I read this book.  And made a decision.  And I haven't looked back.  End.

Visual Poetry by Chris Orwig    Loved this book.  Gets me thinking outside of the box every time I raise a camera to my eye.

Wedding Photography From The Heart by Joe Buissink    Hello!  I will never look a photojournalism the same again.

Annie Leibovitz: Life Through A Lens      Buy it...Rent it....piece it togeather on YouTube...whatever...you must watch it from start to finish.  Amazing documentary.

Fascination Horse by Gabriele Boiselle     Equine inspiration.

My Moleskin notebook....sadly you can not purchase it....BUT  I can share with you that the knowledge contained within is yours for the taking.  Shelley Paulson, Jessica Claire, Gabriele Boiselle, Jasmine Star, Bambi Cantrell, Tamara Lackey, Matthew Jordan Smith, The Shutter Sisters,  Photoshelter, Britains Best Photography, Ramit Sethi and Chase Jarvis.  Some offer free content through blogs & free eBooks.  Others offer books, workshops and mentoring.

2012 is the year that dreams are going to come true for me.  I hope that they do for you too.