June 7, 2011

Goodbye Grandpa

Snapshot taken January 2011 with HTC Android
I remember as a child telling my Grandmother that "When I grow up I'm going to marry Grandpa too!" My Grandmother, ever practical, didn't think that was going to be to likely.  My Grandfather got a good chuckle out of that.  Grandma passed on 20 years ago, Grandpa joined her Monday morning.  And although I did not 'grow up and marry my Grandpa' he did set the standard pretty high.

I'm so incredible thankful for all the gifts Joseph Kapraly gave in his life. I reveled in his tales of his boyhood in West Pittsburgh. Somewhat rowdy antics with friends. Struggles with a stubborn milk cow.  Delivering said milk for neighbors and customers.  How he contributed to the care of his Mother and siblings.

Grandpa enlisted in the Marines during World War II.  He fought in the 6th Division, 29th Regiment in the Pacific Theatre.  The stories he shared of that time are nothing short of remarkable.  The acts of bravery, heroism and descriptions of human suffering poignant. He shared not only his personal history but the history of the World.

It is through someones stories that we get a history of not only where they came from and the things they did but how they became the person that they are.  How the events that they lived through shaped their lives and in turn shaped the lives of those around them.

I owe so very much to this man.  The only way that it can ever be repaid is to live a life in example of his.
  • To always leave a place better than you found it.  
  • To honor those who make personal sacrifices for our continued freedom and well being. 
  • To have opinions and stand by them.  
  • To read, grow & learn. 
  • To be concerned about the feelings of the people around you.  
  • To say "I'm sorry" when you are. 
  • To use a 'Jitterbug' when you want to hook a really big Bass.
  • To be of service to others.  
  • To look people in the eye when your talking to them even if it's hard.  
  • To know when to keep your mouth shut.  
  • To have a strong faith and live by the principals set forth in that faith.  
  • To say "I love you".

June 1, 2011