May 26, 2011

Skywatch Friday at Darlington Polo Field

Sunset at a Polo Match in Darlington, PA
My entry for SkyWatch Friday.  As Friday in Western PA means POLO then I thought it only fitting to post an image of the Sun going down and warming up the crowd while they wait for the horses to take the field.

May 24, 2011

What Sparks Your Creativity?

Anna Sophia getting her writing groove on at Starbucks.

Today I stumbled upon an article that claimed that vacationing is necessary for creativity.  I just want to get on the record and say that I wholeheartedly AGREE with that statement.  I always come back from a few days away feeling fresh and uber-creative.

The problem so many of you....I just can not pack up and go on vacation whenever I feel my creativity start to wane.  But as I was thinking about the article I realized that there are a couple of 'mini-breaks' that I take regularly that do fortify my muse.
  • Slow walk at the park with the Jack Russell Terriers
  • Fishing just before sunset...then sitting at the campfire till midnight looking at the stars
  • Laying under a tree in the grass on a blanket and reading the afternoon away
  • An hour or two at Starbucks laughing and talking with a friend
  • Sitting in the pasture watching my horse graze
  • Shootin' Safaris...when I get in the Jeep with my destination in mind and just drive somewhere and shoot for the day
So what helps you to spark your creativity...what feeds your muse?

May 19, 2011

What A Difference A Year Makes

I can not believe that it has been over 10 months since I last blogged.  I feel like someone should send me to bed without dinner.  I have no excuse for myself other than I was busy...just like everyone else I know.  So no excuses.  I'm going to start making up for lost time....much writing and photograph posting to commence.  I hope to see you here in a couple of days.

Motion Blur Shot of Glenn Watterson Sr., Darlington Polo Club

The Darlington Polo Club schedule for this season is posted.  As always I'm so excited for the opportunity to catch up with friends and to spend some time behind the lens photographing these magnificently athletic horses.