May 20, 2010

The Measurement of Time

Pre-School Graduation today for my Nephew!

10 Ways Which Time Has Been Measured This Week

10. My Nephew is 5 and is graduating from Pre-School. Huh were just a little baby like yesterday right. I attended your birth. You can't be 5 and having your first Graduation's just not possible.

9. I broke my ankle 7 weeks ago...I thought the pain was never going to go away. Last night I managed 20 minutes and .55 miles on the treadmill. I'm so thankful for fast healing bones. But why can't I heal up faster?

8. We replaced the barn roof over the was put on 30 years ago. This fact just smacked me in the face. I remember them building the is it 30 years old already?

7. The scale. You know that thing you weigh yourself on. Ummmm yeah. It's going in the wrong direction like every year. I'm going to have to start paying strict attention to that one.

6. Thursday lunches w/my Grandpa. This is a revelation to me. I remember when HE used to pick ME up for dates. Now it's the opposite. The circle of life.

5. When my Mum was my age.....I was Graduating from High School. Ummm hello! I still don't think that I'm mature enough to raise a child and my Mum did so successfully by my age. Thanks Mum!

4. Last night I was going through some pictures that I have taken over the last 4 years. And wow they have got progressively better. I can not wait to see how my photography is going to change in the upcoming year.

3. Yesterday on the 4 Wheeler .... I was cruising the nursery checking out trees. And I thought ... Wow this field is about cleared out. How is that possible. I remember very clearly planting it on a Saturday morning. I was late for week and still a bit tipsy from the night before. (lol) The realization hit me then....that was 14 Springs ago.

2. Polo starts next Friday seems like forever since I've been to a match. But it's only been 8 months.

1. The last 12 months with my husband have been AMAZING! The way I gauge happiness has been forever changed and I'm just amazed and thankful daily for my fabulous life. Thanks honey...I love you more now than I ever have.

What about you? How have you measured time this week?