February 9, 2010

Snow Storm Cleanup

Saturday the 6th of February

So if your in the United States...you know that were getting absolutely hammered with snow here in Pennsylvania. I'm not complaining, at the farm we just deal. Keep the roofs clear buy standing on loader buckets and scrapping them off with long handled brooms. Our little 'sugar shack' is a snug home. The commute to the office is a short walk thanks to hubby plowing me a path to the barn and office.

It does make for tricky internet and phone connections. And 60,000 homes in Pittsburgh are still without electric (since this past saturday) according to today's news. Brrrrrr....it's got to be cold in those houses. Hopefully they will not have frozen pipes. Pennsylvania is in a state of emergency but all is well out here in New Wilmington.

February 7, 2010