April 15, 2010

Waitin' on Work


Bobcat 863 with a 28 Caretree Spade and Grouser Tracks Waiting For Work.

The spring digging season is super short this year. For some trees the window to dig closed last week. For most of the rest we will be lucky to make it though the week.

Not that's it's overly important this year. The tree market is totally in the tank. We have friends in the nursery industry that are bull dozing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of trees. Unfortunately there is no way to stop production of trees. It takes years to grow them and the row spacing is set to sell them off in a certain number of years.

We have a few fields that will be seeing a chainsaw to every other tree in the row in order to save half of them. But for the most part our spacing is good. Hopefully the fall season will spell redemption.


Linda said...

The long reach of the recession, even as far as beautiful young trees. I do hope conditions are better in the autumn.

Adrienne in Ohio said...

There's a local nursery wholesaler that has a tree auction on the slow years. It's usually in the fall. I think he does the same "every other tree" selection. But instead of cutting them down, he digs them, and an auctioneer does the selling. Wonder if that could help?

Tami said...


We've had auctions before. The are a great revenue for pre-dug and container material. Unfortunately for the size of trees that we sell. The average homeowner can not handle the size and weight.

But hopefully fall will improve. The digging season for many trees is over. Some are to close together. So if we don't cut every other one....we will lose all of them before fall.

Thanks for the suggestion though.