October 21, 2009

Harvest Time

Fall is the season of massive farm machinery. And days like the last two our area has been a literal hotbed of harvesters zipping down the road moving from one farm to the next.

Soybeans, dried down and ready for harvesting



Life is good! said...

i love that first photo! great shot.

Firefly said...

I have never see a soyabean. I really like the first pic, specially with the plants fuzzy in the foreground.

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

your shots are amazing.

who knew that soybeans were fuzzy

Tami said...

That first one was my favorite shot too! I'm pretty sure that 3rd one was not that one I picked to put in. lol.....I must have mis-clicked. Oh well.

I never did get the shot I wanted. The machine broke down. So I'm going back in a couple weeks when they start corn.

New England Girl said...

Great photos! :)

leilani said...

thats a gal driven that HUGE MACHINE! is that you? WOW! that machine looks as big as this island is =0I

Gail said...

Great shots

Tami said...

leilana...it's funny part of farm life. Most woman do ride around in the fields on tractors and combines with there husbands, boyfriends and just friends. It's the only way we can see our men during planting and harvesting (and the baling season too).

Anyway this is my friend Harry's machine and one of his friends riding with him for a little bit. Her son rode around with them too...then he left with the semi-truck to off load into the dryer.