October 24, 2009

30 Days


Thirty Days Ago


This DVM's Wife's Life said...

I love this! While I hate to see summer go and the greens disappear the fall colors are so magical. Really pretty pictures Tami!

Tami said...

Thanks Amy,

It's funny cause when I first took the first picture I really liked it. And then I took yesterdays...and I really liked them too.

End of the story....I really love the crazy saturated colors of fall....but I'm equally in love with the greens of summer!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Beautiful comparison:)

Firefly said...

I love both pics. When its fall over here we have very little change in the leaves as most of our trees are evergreens.

Linda said...

What a beautiful study. And it actually looks as if it's the same leaf in both shots. Have you been watching it anxiously in case it fell before you could take your next shot?

Michele J said...

This is wonderful. I love autumn.
I am making a quick blog jump to say hello to friends. hope you are well.

Tami said...

Linda....it is the same branch!

Tami said...

Michele!!!!!!!!! Nice to see you!