October 25, 2009

Sunday With Obie


I spent an hour hanging in the pasture with Obie today....just the two of us. It was a wonderful way to spend part of the day.

October 21, 2009

Harvest Time

Fall is the season of massive farm machinery. And days like the last two our area has been a literal hotbed of harvesters zipping down the road moving from one farm to the next.

Soybeans, dried down and ready for harvesting


October 20, 2009

Fall Color

Saturday while on my walk I made a mental note to come out to this field and shoot between these beautiful rows of Acer rubrum 'Franksred' aka Red Sunset Red Maple. I badgered my husband to no avail yesterday. But today he gave in and came out with me.

And he brought the lovely Clarice with him as well. And since I'm an equal opportunity blogger and I do not discriminate between long legged (JRTCA) and short legged (Irish) Jack Russell Terriers. I'm posting her as well.

No post of my husband would be complete without a demonstration of his incredible grumpiness! The contrast between his sweet tempered girl and himself is amazing don't cha think?

October 19, 2009

Can I Get An Amen?


I have no idea what fixed this problem. I've deleted programs, reloaded programs...turned firewalls on and off....reset to an earlier date. Whatever it was it worked. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! One of them worked.

Now just to figure out how to best post my Project 365 back log. Maybe put them in my Flickr account and post the link.

Picture of Charlotte taken this afternoon in the pasture. Today was a glorious day in Western Pennsylvania.....weather wise and other.

October 13, 2009

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat?

It's a game me and my computer are playing.

I'm wanting to post pictures to my blog....I go through all the proper steps.


the computer plays a trick.

In the form of an error. I can not download anything to the net because of a firewall. I can download anything I want from the net onto my computer though........an example of which would be the picture over there that I hijacked from AllPosters.com ......

but I can not download to the internet.

Does that seem bizarre to you?

Do you have a suggestion?

I'm taking pictures everyday. I put them in my computer. But I can not post them.

Isn't a firewall supposed to protect ME from viruses? My firewall is working in the opposite direction. If I can not come up with a fix by this weekend. I will pack the computer up for a trip to the Geek Squad (money I don't want to spend).

Can anyone help me? I'm getting seriously backup up with my Project 365 Pictures. HELP!