September 18, 2009

Day 31 - Out The Front Door

Not overly impressed with the amount of grain shooting at ISO 800 or higher. But with out a tripoid shooting at really slow speeds is tough.

I will be happy when this cold is gone. This was a picture from the first day it hit me hard. I could only make it to the front door after dragging myself home from work. So this is the shot you got!


Far Side of Fifty said...

I wanted to see more of that very pink sunset that was coloring the back part of the are doing some very interesting photos:)

Linda said...

'Truck with sunset' - very artistic.

There's been a funny old bug going around here too. Awfully early for winter colds, but then again swine flu cases have shot up again with the schools going back.

Rocky Mountain Retreat said...

Ah, the pink sky with the truck... very artistic in my opinion... i like it very much!

Get better, ok?

Tami said...

I thought this was allergies at first....then I ran a temp for a couple of days and realized that it's not. Unfortunately I've infected my husband and father as well.....looks like swine flu.