September 6, 2009

Day 19 - Black Fly Madness

Ugh....well Fall is definatley around the bend. The Black Flies are driving the horses NUTS! Someone send 100 gallons of pestcide quick.

Obie has a fly mask....he scratches it off after about an hour or so. Why I don't know....I would think that wearing the darn thing would be more comfortable than getting eatin' up by hordes of black flies that know their time of death is near.


Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Maybe the mask was too tight?

Ah, who can get in the minds of equines?

Beautiful horse, though!

Call me when you get a minute! I wanna see if we can hook up when I'm in PA.

Firefly said...

I think its our fault cause... "We just stole Spring and left you with Fall"
I find it unusual that the flies come in Fall. Over here we normally have lots of insects in late spring and summer.

Tami said...

Janie...will call you tonight!!! We will work something out for lunch.

Firefly...The flies are here late spring through mid summer...but the closer fall gets it just seems like there is 5-6 times as many of them. And that they are competing for food or something cause they bite like crazy....just awful.

wkf said...

Hi- Stumbled onto your blog today.
All things horse stop me in my tracks. Have you looked into fly predators? I had heard about them for years and was a TAD skeptical.
Tried them this year, uhhh WOW! Won't go backwards.

I have an itchy mare so I am a little OCD about insects.

Anyway your boy is quite handsome!

Tami said...

WKF....I've heard of fly predators for years but never tried them. I think I will look into it for next year though.

DayPhoto said...

The flies are horrible here also. I feel so sorry for the cows! Ugh!

I have sticky tape in the chicken house, but I can't keep the flies off the cows.

A freeze will help.


José Filipe said...

Hello Tami.
Great prespective, a very nice photo, it´s one of my favorits, i liked very much, great moment.
All the best, have a nice day, see you soon.

José Filipe 09-09-2009

Far Side of Fifty said...

Damn flies and they bite so hard too.. I would put some Avon Skin So Soft on them..:)

Anonymous said...

What's up

It is my first time here. I just wanted to say hi!