September 1, 2009

Day 14 - Riding With Dad

Clarice....she has to be on the go. In the truck, jeep, 4 Wheeler and now the tractor she is turning into quite the boss.

I'm having a real problem converting from RAW to JPEG. I'm losing a crazy amount to detail....especially sharpness. Can anyone help me out with that, cause I'm doing something wrong?


New England Girl said...

She is such a cutie!! Love this photo of her. :)

Wish I could help with the question, too, but I am completely stumped in all areas. I barely get by with the basics of blogger! :)

Claudia's thoughts said...

My camera only shoots in jpeg, or so I think, you get the best color in raw or tiff, but I have no idea how to change it to show your best shots. What kind of camera do you have? I have an old HP 717. I guess I should get a new one.

Neas Nuttiness said...

That is one happy little face!

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Oh, wait!! Pick me!!!! I know!!!!


I've not gotten past page 3 yet.

Don't shoot me!!!

Tami said...

New England Girl...that's okay...the learning curve for me is steep when it comes to web anything.

And this PS Elements....just when I think I can do something ..... the bottom falls out.

Tami said...

Claudia...I'm shooting with a Canon 40D...I bought it refurbished the end of June.

Tami said... worries girl...this photoshop thing is just like sooooo beyond me....that a book just doesn't help.

Firefly said...

Now that dog does look like one who can be on the go all the time.

For RAW and JPeg... Sorry, don't know.

The Wife said...

LOL! I came home to Harley riding in the tractor with the Husband. So of course, I had to put Pepper and Zena in the back of the truck for a ride.

Tami W. said...

The Wife....that's so funny. I do the same thing.

Claudia's thoughts said...

I will NOT use that font again...if either of you belong to a union or a professional organization they may have some group insurance.

Emily could have gotten it thru her Musicians Union, but it would have cost about $500 per month. Which is not bad if you have a job. Blue Cross has a few with people who have incomes under $18,000 per year but their services are limited. BC does have some that accept "preexisting conditions" but they also cost about $500 per person.

I had looked into getting the daughter on PA Medicade but to qualify there must be some mental health problem. The woman actually asked me if she had mental health issues...she did not so she did not qualify even though she had lost her job.

I found a program with BC, 4 visits per year, limited coverage and it is only good if some true emergency. No Rx, which is OK if you are healthy. The Medications she has needed she got generic and had them filled at Target.

In June she will graduate and get insurance. As a RN I am paying about $350 to $400 for the two of us and $134 for Em.

The teachers in our borough are bitching because they have to pay $10 toward their coverage and $10 co pays.

Tami said...

Claudia...there was some gripping here to about health insurance by teachers....I was completely mortified. For me and hubby since we have to pay out of pockets for everything....we are really careful when he go to the it has to be pretty major.

LadyFi said...

I can't help you, but I do love the detail and clarity of this picture!