August 30, 2009

Day 12 - Big Boy

Can you guess which project is about to start? Hint....Barrack did not come through with funds. We are on our own.

As an aside...I just want to say that Photoshop makes me feel pathetic, useless, and like I need a nap, snack or a slap. I wanted to recover some of the lost highlights on this photo mainly on the top of the boom where the yellow is washed. The original is shot in raw..... anyone willing to take a raw copy and make SOMETHING happen then tell me how you did I can try to duplicate?


Firefly said...

I love the crop you used on the photo. Like the one of the jeep last week its perfect.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Photoshop makes me feel the same way..I hope to conquer it next winter. Somehow someplace there must be a great tutorial out there. Photoshop six is being offered as an adult ed class..but I am not sure if I want to purchase that program:)

Pamela said...

Just found your blog and am enjoying it so much.

As to your question about recovering highlights...Since you shot in RAW, it shouldn't be a problem. One trick I use is to bring two versions of the image into Photoshop--one that has the exposure where you want it for the entire image and a second where the rest of the image may be overexposed but the highlights on the boom are like you want them.

Put the highlight image on top of the good image then mask out everything but the highlights you want to keep.

To do this, I usually invert the mask (ctrl+I) then use a very soft (hardness near zero) translucent (opacity less than 20%--usually around 12%) brush in white. This will let you see what you are revealing, and since the brush is so soft and translucent, you will only be revealing a small amount at a time so you won't get any ugly brush marks.

I hope this helps. If it's confusing or you want more info, please email me at:

pam AT cmpasofinos DOT com

Tami said...

Oh Pam thank you very much....I'm going to experiment with this technique this afternoon!!!!! Very grateful!