June 15, 2009

The Sugar Shack Gets Tricked Out Vol. 1

As you know from previous posts....I moved in November thinking, hoping, praying that it would only be a temporary move.  But as you also know....it's turned into a permanent move.  Life in then 'Sugar Shack' is interesting...especially now that my hubby has installed himself in here with me.  It's a 540 sq ft. building that started it's life as a cutting room for a greenhouse, morphed into a chemical shed, re-morphed into a lunch room, then morphed into my office, morphed again into a rented office space.  And now is my house.  It's had quite an interesting history here on the farm.  I am so very thankful for it's existence.  Also for the way it has served my family over the last 90 odd years.
The 'Sugar Shack' as hubby dubs it...has a desperate need for a closet.  With only 540 sq ft to work with you have to be careful how you use space.  This little nook was in the bedroom.  And the bed fit perfectly there.  It was wonderful nestled back in there.  But storage in this little building was a problem.  So I decided to give up my bed nook for a walk in closet.

Yeah baby...that's right.  A walk in closet in a 540 sq ft home.

Sometime right before this project started I decided to take my closet idea one step further.  Can you guess what I'm going to do?  
Take a guess and I'm  going to pick one answer that is either correct or possible pee your pants funny...  and you will be the recipient of the drink of your choice from Starbucks...that's right...STARBUCKS.  Can you say Vanila Rooibos Tea Latte, can you say Carmel Macchiaoto, can you say Strawberries & Cream Frappuccino, can you say Shaken Iced Tea Lemonade.
Winner must have an activated Starbucks card and I will load the prize on it.
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Neas Nuttiness said...

I'm guessing a sky light...or maybe a pole for closet dancing!

Since I don't drink coffee, If I win I'm gonna get myself some chocolate!

Leilani Lee said...

Our main house has 640 sq feet, so I can feel your pain (no closets in our house either). I am not answering your question, because the nearest Starbucks is 90 miles away. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate the challenges of living in a very small space. I can understand now why you need the Kindle!

Wanda said...

I have to follow to discover what else you're doing with the closet!

Laura-Jane said...

I don't know. I'm not a good guesser. Skylight is a good guess, but it's taken! Let's say.... stained glass window in the closet?

Tami said...

Neas...Pole Dancing....love it!

Leilani...Yes the Kindle is a wonderful thing for small spaces. Especially if you are a book-a-holic!

Wanda & Laura-Jane...Welcome to my blog. I will be by to visit with you soon! Love to get to meet new folks.

New England Girl said...

WOW- I remember you posting on my old blog a comment on my post about timber frames and how they would be too big for you... I never imagined how cozy you had in mind! I am impressed by people who can manage to live in cozy, albeit challenging, spaces; I would never be able to do it!

As for the closet, I have no idea what you could possibly be putting in there. I am going to be wildly impressed with whatever it is! Looking forward to the pictures :)


Tami said...

Libby....you are the winner. That thought that I could be a 'closet pole dancer was just too funny'.

Tami said...

Alicia...I don't know what it is but I like small spaces. I will say that my ideal house would be small but open contruction...like the pictures that you posted. But just smaller sq ft.

Neas Nuttiness said...

Tami - I can't find the darn thing. If you don't want to wait for me to go get another one...please feel free to pass it on to someone else.

I don't drink tea or coffee, but in the winter, I love Starbucks Mint Cocoa. And the pastries there are soooooooooooo good!