February 3, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook February

Outside My Window...The snow is flying, the sky is grayish white, the farrier is pulled up to the barn, and the drive is suitable for a hockey rink.
I Am Thinking...Snow Shoes, can't be that hard to use.  The JRT's need a good run.  And I definitely need more physical activity.
I Am Thankful...A roof over my head.
From The Kitchen...Sprouted Grain toast with butter, cinnamon & honey, my favorite comfort food.
I Am Wearing...Black yoga pants, zip up polar fleece pullover, and Uggs.
I Am Creating...Converting the business's from Quickbooks to MS Office Accounting.  And trying to learn Microsoft Office Live
I Am Going...Barnes &Noble, x-mas gift cards still to use.  And new book is just the ticket.
Reading...Through A Glass Darkly by Karleen Koen (Just started it.)
I Am Hoping...That business is going to pick up.  Yesterday Obama comment about 'trying' to fix the economy before the next election run in three years time was a bit of a startle.  Was hoping for 12 months.
I Am Hearing...Forced air furnace.
Around The House... lumber, drywall, screws, nails, a saw, a pre-hung door.  I'm getting a closet in my bedroom.  The first bedroom closet I've had in 15 years.  And it's going to be big enough for a washer and dryer.  Oh my!  The excitement is palpable.
One Of My Favorite Things...Harney & Sons Chinese Flower Green Tea
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Closet building, stall cleaning (lots and lots of stall cleaning).
The Picture Thought I Am Sharing...loved looking at these icicles they were a solid wall down the length of the building.  Under there somewhere is a rain gutter.

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The Wife said...

wow, look at those icicles! looks very dangerous! you could poke an eye out!

your first bedroom closet in 15 years? oh my....you so deserve it!

Claudia's thoughts said...

Your icicles are bigger than mine in Eastern Allegheny County....

I think you should add a cup of hot tea with a shot of Apricot Brandy to the mix of things to do.

Tami said...

The Wife...I'm so darn excited about the closet I could just pee my gosh darn pants!
Claudia... what an excellent idea, except I will have to substitute Emmets Irish for the brandy as that is all thats in the house...same concept though!

Roxane B. Salonen said...

I love your photos, and your thoughts that accompany them (or free-float around them). Your creative energy is inspiring!

LadyFi said...

Love those icicles! Amazing.

What a lovely, gentle post. Loved reading it.

Neas Nuttiness said...

I wish that you would do "The
Simple Woman's Daybook" several times a week. It brings out the "poet quality" in you.

I hope that things warm up for you soon. I'm in Florida, wear temps are mild, but I'm still freezing - don't now how you live through the weather up there!!!

Try not to pee your pants...just cross your legs and do a happy dance!

Sarah S said...

Good book Choice. Enjoy it! I love the picture.

Good luck with the stalls :)

DayPhoto said...

You are COLD! And I whined about us..shows you how pathic I am.


Tami said...

Thank you Roxanne and Lady Fi!

Tami said...

Neas...Flordia, I wish I was there even for a weekend...it would be nice to soak up some sun.

Sarah...My stalls have not been cleaned in over a week. The end doors were drifted shut and frozen. So Ive been putting clean bedding on top of dirty. It's going to be a heavy job.

Train Wreck said...

A closet!! Oh what a dream, I too have not had a closet ..well since I was a kid. We need one desperatley. So you will post pictures won't you?

Tami said...

TW...I will post pictures!