February 26, 2009

Bloggyland Surfin'

I've been cleaning stalls for 20 years.  Got a new pitchfork.  Got a blister.  Twice in the same spot.  What's up with that.  I want my old pitchfork back.  At least the handle.  Grrrr.

Checkin' in on a few of my bloggy land followers ... and some of my thoughts to go along.

Neas .... is on a 'fat followers' rampage.  Hey Neas...I'm a bit fluffy and have followers can I rage with you?

Lee Lee Lulubelle ... girl we are going to have a frog intervention for you!  A peak inside how my brain works.  Lent + Frogs on Lee lee's blog = Charleton Heston in The 10 Commandments.  Scary huh... that movie was always on at Easter and I was mortified as a child that frogs were possible hurt in the making of that film.  Going to have to rent it and banish weird childhood phobia.

Roxane ... Gave up commenting for lent.  Now for sure she has shut off commenting on her blog.  It remains to be seen if she has decided not to comment on other peoples blogs.  We have 40 days to find out.  My own Lent give up is going very very poorly...more on that tomorrow.

Shell's hubby has a naughty employee so she gets to go to her log cabin for the weekend.  If I obtain a naughty employee can I come to your cabin too?

DVM's corgi has the sexiest little legs in the land.  

Monica made me snort and laugh....over milk.  And I don't like milk.

Michele ... posted a picture on Sunday that I'm still thinking about.

Linda B ... has me falling hopelessly in love with Scotland an 'occasional photo' at a time.

Colorado Farm Wife ... went on a trip and is now talking about grass.  The last time I went on a trip and came back raving about grass it was the late 80's.

Claudia ... had wordless wednesday with out a picture.  Hope the muse comes back for you soon Claudia.

Trainwreck is heading down the road. ...erm... rails... ummm tracks?  Whatever... heading off.  No wait... Maybe he doesnt head or heal and that's why he's going.  Sigh what a confusing line of thinking.  But there is a JRT photo to be had....and that makes it all better.

The Wife ... is playing with bulls.  Really she is.  

Janie ... teachin' us about the oil industry.  Girl...I thought of you when I put a band-aid on the above blister.  The band-aid didn't hold though....so I thought of you when the darn thing fell off too. 


This DVM's Wife's Life said...

You are too funny! I know exactly what you mean about new pitchfork handles! They stink!

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Hey, guess who? I'm still here! My no-comments only applies to my own. But I'm still here, and keeping up with you. Ouch, by the way. Gee. Hope that heals mighty fast. Huge bummer...

Leilani Lee said...

LeeLee Lulubelle... Oh my. Why didn't I think of that name. It's perfect. You are hilarious.

Claudia's thoughts said...

I thilnk I got my mojo back Tami

carrielt said...

When I first saw your ouchie I thought it was from surfing the internet and you mouse gave you the blister! :)

shesmarriednow said...

Blisters are the worst!!