February 16, 2009

Blue Bird of Happiness

I'm not a collector of 'stuff'. I just don't have the patients to shop for things nor the time to try and keep anything clean beyond a basic living space. Sigh, lazy...possible. Impatient....very likely. Frugal....most definitely.


I was so happy to buy this little guy. The money just flew out of my wallet with out a second thought.  When I was a kid my great-grandmother had one of these little guys on her kitchen window. About 4 years ago I was actually shopping (in a store...wonders never cease) with a friend at her favorite 'junk store' and I caught sight of a display of these on the shop window sill. I grabbed one for me and one for Mum.

The Blue Bird is on the window sill in my bedroom.  It never fails to remind me to smile when I catch a glimpse of it.  Maybe it's because Blue Birds are so rare to see in the wild, maybe it just reminds me of my childhood.  Perhaps it's that our stained glass windows at church are just the same magnificent shade of Sapphire.  Or it's a reminder of those days when the skys so blue that the sun is positively bursting right out of the sky.  Or the water in the gulf stream....that deep blue that is bottomless and you can see the fish right through the water. 

I don't know....but that darn blue bird makes me happy!  In spite of the fleas, flu's, colds, and sinus headache's, just a short peak at it from under the quilts on the bed is enough to know that all's well in my world....even when the floor around the bed is covered in used Kleenex (ick).

Do you have any little trinket or treasure that you've found that just reminds you to smile?  That reminds you that life is wonderful?
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Shellmo said...

I love your bluebird too! They are magical happy birds - so what a great momento to have of one.
I have a wooden loon decoy on top of my fireplace that I just cherish!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I have the same set of bluebirds, they sit in my kitchen window. Somehow they make being in the kitchen more bearable! I guess my most cherished possession is an old print of a collie and a lamb called "Found" I had admired it for years and one day I found one at a Flea Market that I could afford.
I am glad you feel a little better, but it sounds like you are still struggling with the crud:(

Monica said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I love the bluebird and can see why it would make you smile.

What I have is a blue hand blown mini pitcher that is filling up with dimes. There is a story behind the dimes. The blue 'pitcher' reminded me of my mom and I bought it without any hesitation. I might have to do a blog entry on this subject.


cg said...

That is a very beautiful piece!

This DVM's Wife's Life said...

Glad you are feeling better and back up and at em!
Love your treasure. I need to hit one of our local antique stores. They sure are fun to shop in!

Sarah S. said...

Glad you are feeling better!

Your bird reminds me of something my Momhas from my Grandma. It's lovely!

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Tami, we received a glass bluebird from a friend when we were a young couple before kids. That friend died of cancer a few years back, and I, too, will always look at my bluebird and smile. :)

Tami said...

Shell...I've seen a picture of your Loon...it's lovely.

Far Side...is that the picture of the Collie and the Lamb in the the snowstorm? The Fleas/Flu's/Cold whatever you want to call it is almost gone. But YIKES it has really knocked me for a loop. Iv'e got a pile of work 10' high and over 300 posts in my reader to catch up on.

Monica....I look forward to more visits to your blog and can not wait to read your post on your pitcher, hope there is a picture to accompany it.

Tami said...

Thanks CG...it's one of those little finds that your just so happy to look at that you don't have to break the bank to buy.

DVM & Sarah...I'm glad to be back on my computer and back on the net, catchin' up on the blog-o-sphere.

Roxanne....I have a couple items from friends that I'm so happy to have...I'm glad your blue bird has such a special meaning for you.

LadyFi said...

Oh, I love the way the bird captures the light and positively glows with bluey-ness.


Tami said...

Lady Fi....yes..I like that about it too.

Gem said...

Hi Tami, What a gorgeous little blue bird. What do I absolutely treasure? There are so many that I may just have to do a post on some of them!
Thanks for visiting over at Windy Hill!

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

I like trinkets. My favorite one looks like your bluebird. Oh, wait. It IS your bluebird!

No, really, I love that bird. I love blown glass. You did good. The money would have "flown" out of my hand, too!!

Tami said...

Gem....I can not wait to read about them...

Crazy Texas Janie....love it when you come to my blog and make me laugh.

Neas Nuttiness said...

So glad that you are back online!!!
I've missed everyone these last few days, and plan to blog surf till I can't hold my eyes open.
Your bluebird is very pretty, and I can just imagine it sitting on the windowsill, with the sun shining on it!