February 26, 2009

Bloggyland Surfin'

I've been cleaning stalls for 20 years.  Got a new pitchfork.  Got a blister.  Twice in the same spot.  What's up with that.  I want my old pitchfork back.  At least the handle.  Grrrr.

Checkin' in on a few of my bloggy land followers ... and some of my thoughts to go along.

Neas .... is on a 'fat followers' rampage.  Hey Neas...I'm a bit fluffy and have followers can I rage with you?

Lee Lee Lulubelle ... girl we are going to have a frog intervention for you!  A peak inside how my brain works.  Lent + Frogs on Lee lee's blog = Charleton Heston in The 10 Commandments.  Scary huh... that movie was always on at Easter and I was mortified as a child that frogs were possible hurt in the making of that film.  Going to have to rent it and banish weird childhood phobia.

Roxane ... Gave up commenting for lent.  Now for sure she has shut off commenting on her blog.  It remains to be seen if she has decided not to comment on other peoples blogs.  We have 40 days to find out.  My own Lent give up is going very very poorly...more on that tomorrow.

Shell's hubby has a naughty employee so she gets to go to her log cabin for the weekend.  If I obtain a naughty employee can I come to your cabin too?

DVM's corgi has the sexiest little legs in the land.  

Monica made me snort and laugh....over milk.  And I don't like milk.

Michele ... posted a picture on Sunday that I'm still thinking about.

Linda B ... has me falling hopelessly in love with Scotland an 'occasional photo' at a time.

Colorado Farm Wife ... went on a trip and is now talking about grass.  The last time I went on a trip and came back raving about grass it was the late 80's.

Claudia ... had wordless wednesday with out a picture.  Hope the muse comes back for you soon Claudia.

Trainwreck is heading down the road. ...erm... rails... ummm tracks?  Whatever... heading off.  No wait... Maybe he doesnt head or heal and that's why he's going.  Sigh what a confusing line of thinking.  But there is a JRT photo to be had....and that makes it all better.

The Wife ... is playing with bulls.  Really she is.  

Janie ... teachin' us about the oil industry.  Girl...I thought of you when I put a band-aid on the above blister.  The band-aid didn't hold though....so I thought of you when the darn thing fell off too. 

February 24, 2009

Things That Stick

Every once in awhile I see something on the net that just sticks with me.  I can not seem to shake it.  A thought, person, photo, image....something will just stay in my brain and pop up randomly.  

This painting of Tami Hoag's beautiful mare Feliki is one of those 'things'.  It was painted by Terri Miller, who beside being a talented painter is a fabulous photographer. 

Terri has a blog.  She did a post called The Making of Feliki back in December.  It unveils the artists process and has really nice pictures.  

Check it out.  

What did you think?

February 19, 2009

Cute But Devilish

If your a regular...then you know that I have two JRT's (Jack Russell Terrors ermm...Terriers). And that they dominate my world. I admit that fully and without reservation. Take Clarice in the above photo. You don't have to be lucky to get shots like this of her, she ALWAYS looks this alert and adorable. Well except for the unfortunate garbage incident.

They do have some odd behavior though. Clarice has an obsession with textures that are not supposed to be were she finds them. Example. When I was sick I opened up a sleeping bag and added it to the blankets on the bed when I had the chills. Clarice bustled her little butt down in the covers, licked her paw a couple times, then licked the blanket, noticed the zipper track and licked it....her little brain apparently registered that the track was not supposed to be on the blanket so she started to chew on it. I said 'leave it'. Passed back out. Woke up an hour later and the bed was covered in little black plastic nubs that used to be zipper tracks.

Brassiere hooks....same thing. Not that I leave my unmentionables scattered around. But sometimes if I'm in a hurry one might end up draped over the chair in the bedroom. Well my little Clarice-a-mo doesn't waste anytime, she takes the hooks off. And we all know that a bra without hooks is about as worthless as 'tits on a boar hog'.

Her own toys are not immune to this treatment either. Take her squeaky mouse for example. When she initially got it she ran around joyfully squeaking it for about a minute and a half (which is a VERY long time is JRT speak, by the way). Then she settles down to business...notices that there is a little cloth tag on it, off it comes. A tail...it must go too. Ears, eyes, feet, whiskers, nose. Gone, gone, gone! She's left with just a body, holes wear the eyes and nose were and all extremities chewed/pulled off.

Do your dogs (pets in general) have any weird behaviour?

February 16, 2009

Blue Bird of Happiness

I'm not a collector of 'stuff'. I just don't have the patients to shop for things nor the time to try and keep anything clean beyond a basic living space. Sigh, lazy...possible. Impatient....very likely. Frugal....most definitely.


I was so happy to buy this little guy. The money just flew out of my wallet with out a second thought.  When I was a kid my great-grandmother had one of these little guys on her kitchen window. About 4 years ago I was actually shopping (in a store...wonders never cease) with a friend at her favorite 'junk store' and I caught sight of a display of these on the shop window sill. I grabbed one for me and one for Mum.

The Blue Bird is on the window sill in my bedroom.  It never fails to remind me to smile when I catch a glimpse of it.  Maybe it's because Blue Birds are so rare to see in the wild, maybe it just reminds me of my childhood.  Perhaps it's that our stained glass windows at church are just the same magnificent shade of Sapphire.  Or it's a reminder of those days when the skys so blue that the sun is positively bursting right out of the sky.  Or the water in the gulf stream....that deep blue that is bottomless and you can see the fish right through the water. 

I don't know....but that darn blue bird makes me happy!  In spite of the fleas, flu's, colds, and sinus headache's, just a short peak at it from under the quilts on the bed is enough to know that all's well in my world....even when the floor around the bed is covered in used Kleenex (ick).

Do you have any little trinket or treasure that you've found that just reminds you to smile?  That reminds you that life is wonderful?
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February 6, 2009

Juz Mez

Iz juz mez Charlotte pup pupz.

Mez human dog bez zick. Zhe zayz dat zhe haz gotz der flea bugz.

Mez zay dat zhe zhould have been gettin herzelf da fleaz dipz. Zhe zayz dat it not bez da zame ting.

Mez tink dat der human dog zee needz a trip to der groommerz fur da dipz.

Zee bez back zoon.

In der mean timez....mez take goodz carez of herz. Mez zit on herz and growlz at everybodyz dat checkz on herz.

Mez zay nothingz about der catz....mez concentrating all minezelfz energyz all on herz. Mez haz lotz and lotz of der energyz.  I bez der Jack Ruzzel Terrierz and dez bez der truthz.
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February 3, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook February

Outside My Window...The snow is flying, the sky is grayish white, the farrier is pulled up to the barn, and the drive is suitable for a hockey rink.
I Am Thinking...Snow Shoes, can't be that hard to use.  The JRT's need a good run.  And I definitely need more physical activity.
I Am Thankful...A roof over my head.
From The Kitchen...Sprouted Grain toast with butter, cinnamon & honey, my favorite comfort food.
I Am Wearing...Black yoga pants, zip up polar fleece pullover, and Uggs.
I Am Creating...Converting the business's from Quickbooks to MS Office Accounting.  And trying to learn Microsoft Office Live
I Am Going...Barnes &Noble, x-mas gift cards still to use.  And new book is just the ticket.
Reading...Through A Glass Darkly by Karleen Koen (Just started it.)
I Am Hoping...That business is going to pick up.  Yesterday Obama comment about 'trying' to fix the economy before the next election run in three years time was a bit of a startle.  Was hoping for 12 months.
I Am Hearing...Forced air furnace.
Around The House... lumber, drywall, screws, nails, a saw, a pre-hung door.  I'm getting a closet in my bedroom.  The first bedroom closet I've had in 15 years.  And it's going to be big enough for a washer and dryer.  Oh my!  The excitement is palpable.
One Of My Favorite Things...Harney & Sons Chinese Flower Green Tea
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Closet building, stall cleaning (lots and lots of stall cleaning).
The Picture Thought I Am Sharing...loved looking at these icicles they were a solid wall down the length of the building.  Under there somewhere is a rain gutter.

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