January 16, 2009

Oh Pup Pup

I was a wee bit lat coming home two nights ago. And apparently Charlotte Pup Pup worked herself up into a bit of a gastric turmoil over the situation. I was greeted by a truly foul stench when I opened the door. And there was my poor little Pup Pup shaking and panting and traumatized over the fact that she had to go potty in the house.

At least she put her pea brain to good use. And had her accident under the Christmas Tree. The closest thing to the outdoors in her estimation, I imagine.

The tree had to go anyway...I had resolved myself to taking it down sometime this week. But the fact that I needed to scrub the carpet made me order a pizza instead of making dinner and commence with the de-decorating immediately.

The bell in the picture was my Grandmothers...I have two of them.  I am not a collector of 'stuff'. I guess the only collection that I have would be my ornaments.  Each year it is so fun to unpack and hang.  I wrap each of them up in tissue paper or bubble wrap and store them in boxes with packing peanuts.  The process of wrapping and boxing makes me feel almost as good as the unwrapping.  I wonder if that is how a squirrel feels when they are going about the seemingly monotonous business of hiding there nut cache for winter?  Do you think they feel a sense of accomplishment that the nuts are safe and will be available when next they are needed?  

I know that this mundane task brings me a sense of accomplishment.  Do you have an occasional task that gives you a sense of accomplishment?
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bekah said...

cleaning the kitchen! only thats pretty much daily...not occasional. It is the one room that I dont mind cleaning, probably because its easy to clean and I see immediate results.

Claudia's thoughts said...

Cleaning the windows and washing the curtain and drapes.

LadyFi said...

Oh - poor pup pup! Terrible for dogs to go inside... Hope she feels better soon.

Sarah S. said...

AWWWW Poor thing! It is funny that she did it next to the tree though :)

I always feel satisfied when I get rid of things we do not use anymore. Whether it be clothing or household items. It gives me a clensed feeling.

Neas Nuttiness said...

I think that making my bed each morning starts me off with a sense of accomplishment.

Neas Nuttiness said...

Oh - I forgot to tell you...I love, love, love the photo!

Dog_geek said...

Oh, poor Charlotte! I hope that she is feeling better! I felt pretty good about cleaning out my office at work a few weeks ago. It took all day, but boy, what a difference! I feel so much more organized and efficient now!

Tami said...

Bekah...I don't enjoy cleaning the kitchen...it just seems like work to me. I clean as I cook now and that helps. But those after dinner dishes....ugh. I could do without those.

Claudia...I do like doing the windows. I did the inside windows yesterday.

Sarah....YES I love that feeling too. The de-cluttering. It's very similar to the ornament packing feeling.

Neas....I make my bed at night, before I get in. Weird I know.

Dog Geek...yes...cleaning my office always makes me feel better too!