December 22, 2008

Woodland Shopping

Christmas Tally:
Gifts Bought 0
Cards to Family 0
Nativity Set Dusted 1
Wreaths 0
Garland 0
Trees Chopped 1
Light Strands 3
Cheeseballs Made 0
Toes Picked 10
Toes Polished 6
Dogs Bathed 1.5
Angels Placed 1

Hours to start of Christmas festivities....48.

Gray hairs to be sprouted in that time.....hundreds.

I like natural trees.  The more Charlie Brown the better.  About 6 years ago we planted 5 Concolor firs along the woods to grow as Christmas trees.  Yesterday I loaded up the four wheeler with dogs and a saw and drove out and cut this one.  (note to self....due to extreme difficulty of holding 2 JRT's and a 10' tree and successfully manuvering around tree holes and ruts....the dogs are to stay home on next years tree cutting excursion) 

Do you have pictures of your Christmas trees posted on your blogs?  Link them below (trying Mister Linky for the first time so if it doesnt work out let me know).  If not tell us whether you like your trees.....fat or skinny....full or natural......big or little.  Lady Claudia likes 'em tall and fat, what do you like?


bekah said...

I like little skinny ones. This year matt and I got a short chubby one that I also love. So I guess Im all over the fence on this one! I linked...I think. I may have doe it wrong, Ive never done that before!

The Wife said...

I like big fluffy ones but our house will not accomodate it. So I went and bought a skinny fake tree. How aweful is that. We always have real ones but it is just to hard trying to find one that fits. Woe is me! I'll have to post a picture of my tree and link it.

Neas Nuttiness said...

My tree is sort of in between skinny and fluffy. I love lots of red, green, and sparkels. White lights. Artificial. Not many presents this year...but lots of love! Merry Christmas Wild Woman!!!

Shellmo said...

If they're tall and skinny or short and uneven - I like em!
(Laughed at your list of accomplishments- I am in the same boat as far as xmas shopping and cooking!)

LadyFi said...

It's Christmas for us tomorrow, so you bet that the presents are bought... but not wrapped yet.

Tami said...

The Mr. Linky is not working quite how I expected....I thought it would show everyones 'link' right in the body....oh well. But it is nice to be able to see everyones trees!

The Wife....I hear (read) your pain! It's surprisingly hard in our area to find Charlie Brown trees. Western PA likes 'em fat.

Off to look at everyones trees!

carrielt said...

I'm sure you know with me being the scrooge I am there is no tree in my house. TNT tried talking me into getting one this year. I told him he could go ahead if he wanted, but he was the one that had to decorate, water and take it down after Christmas. I wanted nothing to do with it. He never brought up the subject again! :)

Alex and Alicia said...

Your tree is adorable. I am a big lover of huge, fluffy, ginormous trees (sort of like the timber frame houses we showcased on our blog!). I love trees that dominate a room. The taller and fluffier, the better. I have one photo posted today of our tree - its an artificial one (boo) but what can you do? Just wish reallll hard for a real one next year! :)

Happy holidays!

One Red Horse said...

YAY!! Someone with exactly the same holiday score as me. Er, well except for the nicely painted toes.

Janie said...

Saw your blog listed on someone else's, I've been in the PA a lot lately, thought I'd come visit your blog!

We're flying back up Sunday, to Pittsburgh, then heading to Clearview.

You live in a beautiful state, with tons of trees!

Me? I live in Midland, Texas, in the desert. No trees!