December 8, 2008

Russian Navy


Do you bother with your nails?

File, clip, buff, paint, ponder, pick, bite. Do you do anything with them? Or do you let someone else take care of them for know a professional. A manicurist .... not your dog using them as a chew toy.

A couple weeks ago I posted a picture of my working hands. I have farm girl hands. Dry, scaly, calloused, cuticles messy...unkempt. And they have been that way since...well forever I guess. I remember at a high school sleepover all us girls sitting around giving each other mani's and one of the girls saying 'Oh my gosh your hands are so rough!'  I was shocked...until she preceded to have everyone feel my hands and mine theirs. She was right. I didn't have girly girl hands. I had farm hand hands.

But every so often I shape my fingernails with a file, buff, push cuticle, and slap a couple coats of paint this picture (I didn't mean to take a picture of my hand....I meant to take a picture of a wildflower whilst brush hogging). Yeah I go for the shocking colors too! That's OPI 'Russian Navy'. I have four bottles of nail polish. Blue, Red, Pink, and a weird clearish pinkish whitish color.

The paint never lasts though. Because I work with my hands. So in a couple days they are completely chipped and a mess.

So ....... Fess up!


Claudia's thoughts said...

I work in the OR and my hands are just like your except no calluses. I use Neutrogenia Norwegian Formula Hand cream.. It seems to be like a vasoline base and you do not use a lot. The dermatologist recommended it....

carrielt said...

My hands are just like yours. But since my sister works in a salon part time I go to her a few times a year and she gives me a mani. But she cringes when she sees that my cuticules are not pushed back. But it all depends on if I can get my nails to grow out. I always seem to break them.

The color I love is a pinkish brown color. It's called Cup of Cawfee by OPI.

Pedcures are a differnt story. I LOVE THEM!!! I try to get a couple each summer.

Adventure girl wanna be said...

I have terrible cuticles. Always have. I have to push back, lotion and clip them all the time or I have terrible hang nails. I change all the time. Summer I let them grow a little and keep clearish/pinkish nail polish. Winters I keep them short and don't polish them. I never have manicures, though if I could afford it would love them;) Yours look great!

DVM's Wife said...

My nails are an absolute mess right now. I do my own, have had one pedicure in my lifetime. Only time I do my nails is when I show my horses. I do that whole fake French manicure with them, the do-it-yourself kind. Covers all the dirt that accumulates under them! LOL!

bekah said...

nope not really. and if it makes you feel any better, in high school kids called me 'man hands'

LadyFi said...

That's a great photo! The only thing I do is cut the nails when they get too long. But I do suffer from dry hands, especially in the winter, so cream them in several times a day.

Don't own nail varnish, but my 7-yr-old does, so that sometimes I have sparkly nails on both hands and feet!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I used to fuss..not anymore. I clip and file, and use lots of Berts Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme to help with my really bad cuticles. Nail polish makes me feel claustrophobic..I also do not like anyone rubbing my fingernails as it makes me feel queasy and like passing out. I have one full bottle of nail polish in my drawer..full and is pink:)
BTW your link to your working hands came up error page not found.

Dog_geek said...

I have farm girl hands, too. I don't take care of my nails, but they are pretty strong and grow really long. I usually cut them when they start getting too long and start getting in the way of typing and stuff. The only nail polish I have bought in the past 20 years or so was glow-in-the-dark nail polish that I got for Halloween (I loved that stuff!) I'm thinking about going in for a French manicure sometime soon, though, to treat myself... maybe start out 2009 on a good note.

Leilani Lee said...

I used to be a janitor/cleaning lady. That tell you anything? I have not put nail polish on my hands for years and years. I have strong nails so when they get too long I get out the nail clippers. I also play the guitar so I have to keep them sort of short on my left hand. I had one manicure in my life and that happened when I was to be in my sister's wedding and she got a good look at my hands. Now I have old lady wrinkly skin.

Tami said...

Claudia...I'm going to pick up some of that at the store tonight. I have a couple of fingers that are so dry and messy that they have a couple of deep painful cracks. sister works in a salon as well! And I've had one Pedi, my Mum sprung for it this was wonderful. I always keep my toes painted though.

Adventure Gal...thanks! That paint job was for a 'girls night out' this past fall. The paint job lasted 3 days. I was so proud.

DVM...when I show I wear gloves. Hides the mess.

Bekah...Oh hands. I think that they said a similar thing about me.

LadyFi...I cut my nails too. That's my daily gig. I only break out the file for special occasions.

FarSide...That is a first...nail polish = claustrophopia. Maybe you can sign up for some kind of study and they will pay you. I fixed the link.

Dog should do it! Get the French mani to ring in the new year!

Lulu...I'm entering middle age with spot and wrinkly hands because of hard work. And they are a badge of honor. I love hands that are strong and show the nature of the individual. Hands with character.

My Great Aunt worked in the fine china division at Shenango China her whole working life. Her job was to put the gold foil/leaf on the plates. Her hands were always covered in tape and banged up a bit. I remember looking at those hands as a child like it was yesterday.

My Grandfather worked this nursery and was in the dirt for 60 years. And his hands were always brown, cracked, wrinkled and covered with tape from pushing nails through burlap. I would bump along on the back of the wagon and watch those guys work for as long as they could stand it.

Neas Nuttiness said...

I have a tip for all you ladies that want great cuticles and long lasting manicures. Use O.P.I products. I swear by them. When I get back home next week, I'll do a post about which products I can't live without!

Leilani Lee said...

About 5 years after we moved here, the county launched an initiate to eradicate multiflora and so we tried to do our part and went at it, digging it up, cutting it down, etc.; then some fungus hit it and nearly wiped it out. Nearly. Ha. Now the bigger problem is Japanese honeysuckle.