November 4, 2008


The first appearance this fall of a flock of Meleagris gallopovo aka Turkey.  Not your average Butterball but Wild Turkey.


DVM's Wife said...

Gobble, gobble!
I read that article about that horse on someone else's blog and was horrified! I can't even imagine what I would do if one mine did that. It's awful, but weirdly funny too. I'm so glad the horse survived that ordeal.

carrielt said...

We don't have turkeys near our house, but when we go to the lake they come right up in the yard of the cabin.

The Wife said...

Glad to see there is another person out there that enjoys animal and thing picture taking like me!

Thanks for stopping by. My JRT is a wild child. Pepper never stays in one spot too long. Have to use a high shutter speed to catch her!

Adventure girl wanna be said...


That horse story scared and startled me when first seeing that pic!

Bush Babe said...

Cool... is this what they make bourbon from? (heh heh...)

Also love Jilly Cooper... wasn't Wicked! well... wicked??


Carin said...

We don't have turkeys here but my mom used to have them up in the mountains of MT. It was always a treat when they would wander through. Great photos. Can't wait to read about the horse.

Tami said...

Hello All,

Yes the horse story totally freaked me out too. Glad the horse was okay though.

Bush Babe...I could have used a shot of Wild Turkey in a cup of tea last night to put me to sleep. And yes I thought that Wicked! was definatly wicked!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Nice Turkey capture! We have them here in Minnesota also. I have never been in the right place at the right time to photograph I applaud you! :)