November 12, 2008

Sea of Green

Juniperus chinensis 'Sea Green' aka Sea Green Junipers.  A big field of Sea Green Junipers.  In the summer they are a light green...okay but not wonderful.  But as the weather gets colder they get darker green.  And the color is gorgeous.

Clarice doing her thing.....lookin' out for Charlotte.

Charlottes ears are always flying when she's running.

My girls can not go off the leash at the same time, outside of the confines of the yard.  I'm not so much worried that they will get lost or won't come back, as I am that they will get tangled up with something that they shouldn't.
They are Jack Russell Terriers.  Which means they are brave to the point of stupidity.  Not to mention possessive.  Charlotte will only put up with interference into what she considers 'her affairs' for so long.  And Clarice is starting to get more and more interested in the things Charlotte is doing.  Like digging, working groundhogs, mole patrol.  Charlotte will not tolerate an overbearing presence from Clarice in these matters.
If Charlotte goes down a hole after a groundhog the last thing I want is Clarice to follow.  There is no way I could referee when they are underground.  And it would be dangerous for Charlotte to have Clarice blocking her exit.
Clarice is also a bit conformational challenged for underground work anyway.  With those short bowed front legs and big chest.  Cute as can be, but not built for work!
Do you have a dog?  Can he/she be trusted off leash?


carrielt said...

I've never been around a Jack Russell, but I hear they are wonderful dogs.

Far Side of Fifty said...

The "Sea of Green" is beautiful! I think it is different because you have two dogs, and their are very correct in that the two of them could lead or follow each other into danger. How much off leash work do you do with them?
Chance is off leash at home, (no fence) at the neighbors with his favorite Jack Russell friend Hooch, and a few other places. He will heel off lead very nicely, especially if you have a ball in your pocket! He is not 100% trustworthy if he sees another dog, or a horse. He is often afraid of loud noises too, so I have worked with the 'Safe' command alot (heel position touching my leg, or as close to me as he can possibly get.) Training takes time, and it doesn't happen overnight :)

Neas Nuttiness said...

No - I would never trust either of my dogs off leash. They are full of love, but don't have any more brains that God gave a gnat.

I've been around a few Jack Russell's - all were pretty hyper. Are your's good with children? I've heard that they can be a little "snippy". They sure are cute!

Beautiful Pictures!

Adventure girl wanna be said...

I have a Golden Retriever. I never use a leash with him and never do with any of my dogs. I have only had shelties and goldens though and start as puppies with no leash so maybe those factors play into it?

Adventure girl wanna be said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I LOVE that story about the sheep and the baby elephant and might post about it for my animal section if you don't mind.

Leilani Lee said...

Our doggy could go off leash in the yard on and on the brief walk to get the mail -- he loved to chase the rabbits. And we used to take him off leash longer walks on the frontage road, until one day he took off across the 4-lane for some odd reason (and he WOULD NOT return when we called him) and he almost got killed. He never went off leash after that

The Wife said...

Your JRTs are sooo cute!

I have an award for ya!!!

Dog_geek said...

I love the picture of the ears flying! All our dogs have been able to go off-leash, but some of them have required a LOT more work than others (L) in order to earn that priveledge. Then again, none of my dogs are terriers that might be going to be going to ground. And I always carry cheese when we go hiking, so that they get a big reward if I have to call them off of a herd of deer or something.

Tami said...

Thanks for sharing about your pooches! I'm going to answer to these questions in another post.