November 5, 2008


Scout was born here 8 years ago. I put out the call to friends that I needed a companion for a TB Mare that was truly goofy. Goofy! She couldn't make friends with anyone. So I thought a pony would be calming. She didn't make friends with 'Penny Pony' either.

Penny Pony was an adorable Shetland. Very wild though. A law unto herself. A friend bought her off the meat truck for me following the Sugar Creek Auction. Scout was the surprise....we figured out that Penny Pony was preggers about 3 months before Scout was born. 

When it was time to wean Scout.... Penny went to be a companion to a friends horse. Scout has of course stayed here on the farm. He gives pony rides to Sisterella's kids.   Officially of course his only function is to boss around Obie.  And he does a good job of that.  Amazing that something so small can be sooooooo bossy.  He has one blue eye and one brown.  And is adorable and naughty just like a pony should be.  His stall plaque says: Scout ~ Loved by all, owned by none.


Dog_geek said...

Scout is adorable! And smaller = bossier, of course! Our smallest cat bosses all of us around!

carrielt said...

I was reading along and my eyes jumped to the right side to the horse with her head in the tree. Holy Cow! Or should I say Holy Horse!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Sisterella's kids are really lucky!
Love the stall plaque, and he is a very handsome pony too! :)

DVM's Wife said...

I love the sisterella reference, cracks me up. I have always loved paints/pintos, what have yous, with different colored eyes. Reminds me of a favorite book series I read as a child, Summer Pony and Winter Pony, "Mokey" I think was his name. Whew, taking me back.
Your pony is a cutie!

The Wife said...

He's too cute. I think my Yorkie has the same attitude of Scout. He's the boss of everything big and small around our place.

Lynda said...

He's really gorgeous, and what a lovely story about how he came to live with you, too :)