November 3, 2008


Sisterella called and wanted to know if we would pull a hayride and have a bonfire for her friends and their monsters....oooppps I mean kids. (Halloween joke people I don't really think that they are monsters!) Anyway. Chad thought this would be a good time to burn all the smaller branches that were not going to be used as firewood.
I'll just put a little diesel fuel on and light 'er up. He said. Well he started this brush pile up at 5:30. Good thing to. 'Cause the flames were a good 35-40' high. Hardly an appropriate fire for smores.


carrielt said...

I don't get the whole men and fire thing. TNT was burning an old plastic tank. He threw some gas inside of it and threw in the match. There was a very loud boom. I was inside the house and I hit the floor, I thought we were under attack. I look out and he's standing there in awe of the pretty flames! Men!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Accelerant! Men love it! The bigger fire the better! :)

Dog_geek said...

*Sigh* That's what you get when you put the husband in charge of the bonfire. I am familiar.