October 15, 2008

Quirks....Only 6 of Them

I got tagged by DVM's Wife to list 6 of my Quirks.

The Rules are as follows:
1.  Link the person who tagged you.
2.  Mention the rules on your blog.
3.  Reveal 6 of your quirks on your blog.
4.  Tag 6 fellow bloggers.
5.  Leave them a comment to let them know.

Okay so I linked DVM's Wife above.  And I just listed the rules.

My 6 Quirks....helped compiled by my friend Robin who knows me better then I know myself.

1.  I only eat green M&M's ........ in even numbers only.

2.  I drive with two hands on the wheel....I pull over to use the cell phone most of the time ......with the seat straight up .....and leaning forward.

3.  I am constantly stressed on Obie's welfare.  My Vet is on speed dial, as is the Nutritionist, Dentist, & Chiro.  And I have the Equine Emergency book in the barn, at the office, and at home.  I use it ....... A LOT!

4.  I call Charlotte ... "Charlotte Pup Pup" ..... always with the exception of when she is naughty and then I just call her "Charlotte".  (Which my girlfriend Robin thinks is hysterical as most people call their children by full names when they are in trouble and I seem to have got things messed up.) (Oh and yes I am aware that Charlotte is a dog.....)

5.  Meat repulses me.  I really have a hard time with the thoughts of eating flesh.  It's flesh people.  UGH!  With blood and veins and innards.  I just cannot do it.  It's a mental block.  It's been with me since childhood.  I try to eat meat and it just ...... well..... UGH!  Even fish and eggs ....I have to trick myself into it.

6.  Odd numbers.  I don't like them.  It bothers me that my extension at work is 103.  Like I think every time I give it out.  Which is frequent.  That I really just can not stand it.  So it's a good darn thing that this is a 6 Quirks deal and not a 5.  Cause there is no way I would have participated.  

So there they are.  I'm a freak!  I know it, freely admit it, embrace it.  

I'm going to tag the following people...there linked so you can just click on there names to see if they were brave enough to expose there soft under bellies to the world.

And of course the link again to DVM's Wife

Embrace your inner freak, ladies!


DVM's Wife said...

See I knew you could do it! Thanks for participating.
Green M & M's huh? That doesnt' make for a whole lot of chocolate!
As far as your horse, you would be one of my husband's worst clients ever. Just kidding ya!

Tami said...

Wait ..... don't tell you husband. Cause actually I'm really good a deciding if a problem is an emergency... a can wait till tomorrow... or can wait for a regular appointment. All thanks to the Horse Emergency book.... and my two years riding in a vet truck in college! Cause most horse people have NO idea if something is an emergency or not and I've seen both sides of the coin...it's scary! So that is what had made me careful. Take the vitals. Look at the book. Call the Vet! Really....I don't hit the ER button unless it really is an ER.

Green M&M's .... it's the M&M intake control mechanism!

Tami said...

OH NO!!!!!!

I'm justifying my freaky ..... a true sign of crazy!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Do you stock up on M and M's at the Christmas then? They are half red and half green then! :)

Dog_geek said...

Hi Tami! Thanks for thinking of me! I'm probably not going to follow through, though. I don't mind listing a few of my quirks, but I can just never bring myself to tag people. I always break chain letters, too. I'm just a bad person that way. (Or maybe that's a quirk...?) So, my apologies for being a poo, I hope you aren't mad!

DVM's Wife said...

Good, we need more horse owners like you!
I'm sure you learned lot's during your time riding in a vet truck doing farm calls. I wish more knew that!

Tami said...

It's okay Dog Geek.....I've never done anything "Chainy" in my life before this.