October 1, 2008

Pukey Puppy

There is nothing like coming home. Opening the door. And your senses being assailed with the utterly disgusting stench and sight of 3 day worth of kitchen garbage all over the floor.  Now how a dog with 2" front legs can get the kitchen garbage tipped over I'll never know.  Most likely she had a willing accomplice in Charlotte Pup-Pup.  But that is neither here nor there as Charlotte wasn't sick at all.  And Clarice....well she was outside pulling her very best pukey puppy faces.
Poor little Clarice-a-mo.  Lay your head down on a pine cone and take a nap.


DVM's Wife said...

Oh the poor dear(bad little girl;) I hope she is feeling bettr soon and back to being her rambunctious, short legged self!

The Machine & Me said...

What exactly did you have in that garbage? Could it be some of CHD's sausage and frozen french fries you wouldn't cook for him?????
LOL, your blog partner

Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh my! Nothing worse than a pukeing dog..they struggle so..and look all confused.. and pathetic:)