October 28, 2008

PTSD Over The Black Locust Part 6 The End

At what point do you stop referring to a tree trunk... As a tree trunk and start referring to it as a log?

The jaggy stump.

And of course. My husband's girlfriend. The bane of my existence. The Stihl Farm Boss. After a big job like this hubby lovingly tears her down and puts on a fresh chain and oils her. PERLEASE. Wait a second. That's not a new chain is it? Pretty wicked lookin'.

So Far Side asked me what I'm going to plant?  That's a good question.  Today I'm going to take some pictures of the remaining trees in my yard.  And we'll have a sorta' kinda' vote on it, okay.  You can help me decide.  I do have a couple ideas.  And will dig out shots of prospective trees.
In a way I was born to be a tree hugger.  I'm a 4th generation nurseryman (woman)...but it's definitely something else too...trees are a wonderful part of God's creation for me.  They are miraculous really.  How they grow, survive, overcome damage, insure the survival of the species...a system so incredible perfect that I can not believe that there is anything random about their creation.  
When is the last time you planted a tree?  Take yourself, your kids, your grandkids, your niece and nephew, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, bestfriend, random person off the street, Jack Russell Terrier, whomever... out and plant a tree.  Fall is the best time to plant for most parts of the country.  Seedlings are cheap.  Or go to a nursery and ask for environmental or park grade.  Even if they are wholesale only....chances are they may be happy to part with the park grade to retail customers.
Fall is for planting.


Far Side of Fifty said...

I am sorry you lost the battle Tami..but you just challenged a bunch of readers to plant trees..so you WILL win the war. I will quote my favorite writer, Aldo Leopold " To plant a pine, one need be neither God nor a poet, one only need a shovel"
I am anxious to see what choices you will post for a replacement tree:)

Tami said...

Far Side....I LOVE that quote!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Well of course you do. You have never read Aldo Leopold? A Sand County Almanac? It is only the best book I have ever read in my entire life..I re read it constantly. Leopold is my hero..if you love trees and wild flowers and streams and the out of doors..this is your guy!! Check out my archives "My Favorite Book" Sept 21:)

DVM's Wife said...

Can you use all that wood for firewood? Hope that isn't a duh question, would seem to be a waste otherwise.
We've, I mean my DH has planted numerous spruce and pine trees alongside our house, driveway, and horse fence to create a windblock. I was skeptical a first but now that some are over 20 feet tall, it is working. I love them!

Adventure girl wanna be said...

I lost 2 tree's this spring and still need to remove two stumps! I will be planting more tree's next spring;)

Tami said...

Far side....that book is now on my paperbackswap wish list. Hopefully coming soon.

DVM's Wife...yup it will all be split and stacked for firewood. Hopefully dry enough in a few months. If not then certainly by next fall. Pine wind breaks are the BEST.

Good for you Adventure Girl. Plant away!

Dog_geek said...

Oh, have just finished reading the whole black locust saga, I feel for you. I can't stand to lose any of our trees, whereas Mr. Geek, well... the slightest problem, and he's all "that tree is going to have to come down, and so is this one, and blah blah blah." His true love is the tractor, though, not the chain saw.