October 28, 2008

PTSD Over The Black Locust Part 4

Reinforcments...backup...whatever you want to call it. Tree butchers.

That's my dad. Surveying. Contemplating the situation. This is about the time when hubby points out the hollow spot inside the tree. To which I say. "Yeah. Well it's really old. Of course it's going to have a bit of hollow to it." Which does not earn a response. 'Cause clearly I've completely lost my mind and have entered the realm of non-compliancey.

So they decide to give it a push. And the sound. Well it was awful....the cracking. Ugh. Really. That tree was NOT ready to go. So hubby & his awful little girlfriend had to go around back and do some more cuttin' on the poor thing.

Unfortunately there is more to come.....bear with me people. I need to work through this.  I'm going to wrap it up in 2 more posts.


carrielt said...

Can you send those guys to Kansas! We still have a lot of work to do!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Tami said...

Your welcome to them! Just send my your address....I'll load them, and their equipment up in the semi....and send them on there way. Just watch out for hubby's girlfriend...she's a wicked little thing that likes to rule the roost.