October 28, 2008

PTSD Over The Black Locust Part 3

A couple of days later.  Hubby starts cutting down what's left of the poor old tree.  Of course when I saw him get out the Bobcat and do this little maneuver, I wanted to question his sanity.  But I just keep my mouth shut.  'Cause bein' this close to the road.  And livin' on a family farm.  Solo maneuver's like this one.  Don't last long.  Equipment draws the men folk like bees to honey.

And soon and very soon.  My Dad rolls up.  Has a little chat with hubby then heads back to the garage.  For reinforcements.  Backup.  Which we will get to in Part 4.

Hubby starts cutting a wedge.  When I saw this picture, the size of this tree just hits home again.  And that was only part of it.  1/3rd to be exact.  Sigh.
More to come...

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