October 7, 2008

Pocket Knife

Do you carry a pocket knife? Well.  I lost my mine.  And if you carry one daily....then I'm sure your quite attached to yours.  So you can feel my pain right?  I live on a farm.  A good knife is absolutely essential.  Mine was a good one.  Held an edge like nobodies business.  Light weight stainless steal body.  About 2.5" folded.  Lockback.  Thumb flip.  And a really cool blade... part smooth edge/part serrated edge.  I've had it about 8 years.  And this is the sad part.... I can not remember what brand it was, or where I got it.  AAGGHH!

The beginning of the end was this spring when we were on a tree planting job.  I always carry an extra knife to jobs with me.  And I did this time.  But I already gave it to someone earlier in the day.  Well ... Mark (whom the tree job was for) asked me if he could borrow my knife.  So I said sure.  He opened it, used it, said "Wow this thing is really sharp."  I said "Yeah I like wicked little things."  He laughed...walked away and continued to use my knife.  About two hours later I was back at the farm went to the barn and reached into my pocket ... no knife.  Fart (said it, didn't do it).  Next day as soon as we got to the job I make a beeline to Mark "Good morning sunshine, where's my knife?"  And he handed it right over.  My hubby was shocked cause I won't let him use it and he says "You let him use your knife. Good thing you didn't lose that it's her favorite."  And then looks at me all suspicious like.  "HEHEHE Jealous cause I let another man use my knife huh?" I say.   

Well....now a couple months later it's gone.  I'm certain I left it sitting on a bale of twine on the tailgate of the truck.  It must have bounced out when the truck got moved.  I looked and looked.  No luck.

Do you carry a knife?  What kind?  I'm gonna need to get a new one.  And I've looked and looked on the internet and can not find one that even looks similar.  I thought it was a Spyderco ... but it's doesn't look the same as any of seen.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Nope sorry. don't carry one..well I do have some in the car, just in case I need to cut a seatbelt sometime. I bet yours turns up sooner or later:)

DVM's Wife said...

I'm with you on this one. I always have one in my barn coat or out hanging near the square bales. I just found one that had been missing for months.
Yooper tends to accumulate them, so I snatch them when he isn't looking and usually doesn't notice.
Like you, on the farm you do need them!

Adventure girl wanna be said...

I don't yet but I will and can't wait, when I live on my farm;) Sorry you lost yours. Post a pic of your new one when you get it;)

Dog_geek said...

I have a Swiss Army Knife. I've had it for about 20 years, and I would definitely cry if I lost it. I feel your pain!

Tami said...

Still have not figured out what kind it was....think I'm going to continue to carry the back up for another couple of weeks. Hoping that mine pops up.

Adventure Girl....get a little on and start carrying it now...you know to get in the habit.