October 1, 2008

New Wilmington Fireman's Auction

New Wilmington Volunteer Fireman's Auction
Flea Market 9am - 3pm
Auction 5pm - Midnight
This Saturday!

If you live anywhere within driving distance of New Wilmington, PA.  Your going to want to get in your car and drive to here.  This is THE fundraiser for our local fire department.  They work hard...putting in tons of hours driving house to house collecting items.  My hubby was a fireman and I remember being an 'auction widow' for the two months leading up to this sucker...it's big, really BIG!  Antiques, bikes, furniture, appliances, garage doors, books, windows, quilts.  Not to mention homemade apple cider, Amish doughnuts & ice cream. You name it & it'll be there.  New stuff...old stuff...really old stuff.  Oh and I'm donating 'the bike'...

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