October 30, 2008


Mamacita is our farm cat.  She's not a pet.  But rather an valued employee.  She can be found all over the nursery taken care of business.  Mice, moles, voles, rabbits...  You name it, she eats it.  
She didn't even have a name....or at least I thought she didn't till I overheard bits and pieces of a conversation that a couple of the guys were having.  She was hanging around the garage during lunch break.  Moochin' lunch meat on her break.  They were calling her Mamacita.  So it just stuck.  I pretty much lay eyes on her everyday.  She just sorta pops up in various locations.  And when the hunting gets tough.  She'll hang out in the barn waiting for the horses to come in so she can get a bit of cat chow.  She'll get close enough to rub on your leg and tolerate a scratch behind the ear on occasion... Otherwise she keeps to herself.  She sure is pretty though and very much appreciated.


carrielt said...

We have a few wild cats on our farm that I feed a cup full of food a day. We have lots of mice, but I'm afraid she might leave if that's all she has. I say she, but I don't have a clue what gender it is. She's a black long haired kitty.

Country Girl said...

Hey, Tami. Thanks for stopping over at my blog today. We have no apple crisp left. SOMEBODY (not me) ate it all last night. Cool place you have here.

And I love the name of the kitty.

Lindsay said...

Have come visiting your blog via "Ramblings". Could have done with your cat - we have recently had to deal with moles! See my blog) Love the photos.