October 8, 2008

Lucy Goosey

Please please please fly away....asap. You can not stay the winter on an irrigation pond, it's just not an option.  This goose has been here for three weeks. Alone. Not a good sign. Several flocks of Canadians have come and gone. Yet this one remains. Seemingly content.

I took care of a wild goose through 3 winters. It lived in a blocked in horse stall. Catching her at the start of winter was a major pain-in-the-arse. And it only happened on the first try one year. The last winter she spent in the barn was the worse goose chase of the 3. I ended up black and blue from my eye down to my jaw. I caught her and was headed to the barn when she let loose with her good wing and whack...caught me on the side of my face.

Taking care of wild Canadian for the winter...not so much fun. Having to catch a wild Canadian prior to taking care of her for winter. Calls for a stiff shot of vodka.
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Leilani Lee said...

Well, Thanksgiving is coming up. Goose might taste good on the menu.

Tami said...

Hehehehe....not a big meat eater of any kind. And hubby is anti-goose on the table. Worse case scenario I'm thinking of letting the neighbor have her for there Thanksgiving.