October 22, 2008


We're still cuttin' up trees from Ike. Yeah I know. That was like a month ago. But there is a lot that needs done 'round here. And only so many hours in the day. And so many hands to get it all finished before the snow flies.

I just absolutely love it when people stop on the road to shout instructions to my husband. Cause round here. Pretty much everyone who's anyone knows everyone else. So you just pull your truck over on the wrong side of the road and stop for a chat. And when that chat includes a lesson in the proper size of logs....well that is okay with me. Cause my hubby needs people to tell him what to do. Really we wouldn't want that bossy chainsaw to feel she can just take over. No sir-e. So this is our friend Harry. Stoppin' to give my husband a lesson.

Overall though...it looks like he's doin' a pretty good job.....Of course I was told that the saw is going to need her chains sharpened. And maybe a new chain as well. Humph. We'll see about that. I need a new pair of insulated boots. I think the saw can wait.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Far Guy sharpens his chain saw blade til there isn't anything left to sharpen..then he gets a new one. Looks like it was making chips pretty good, I see warmer boots in your future:)

Tami said...

Yes.....oh wise one....I will show that picture to hubby no new chains for the wanna be farm boss.