October 23, 2008

Jack Russell Tree Service

Clarice is my little tattle-tale (or shall we say tattle-tail).  Anyway it's easy to tell when something is up at my house.  Clarice is an easy read.  "Clarice why are you parked in my ancient Lilac bush?"  (Which desperately needs thinned out, by the way)
"Oh because Charlotte is in here trying to kill something."  It's all fun and games till I see that she is stripping the bark off the trunk.  In her desperate attempt to dig the darn thing out.
"Charlotte..... I'm sorry to say it girl but it's just not happenening for you.  That lilac has been here longer than you or I put togeather.  And a 11 pound Jack Russell Terrier is not going to rip the darn thing out of the ground.  And no I'm not helping.  So making pathetic eyes at me will not win me over to the cause."


Dog_geek said...

Oooh - Clarice is as adorable as Charlotte is naughty! What cuties! And how like a JRT to get into mischief!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Really cute post! I really enjoyed it! Those girls are keeping you on your toes! Love the Timmy in the well reference..we use that with Chance quite a bit..usually it's a chippy in a tree.
Maybe you got oil? The girls are part of the exploration and discovery team:)