October 6, 2008

Deanna Raybourn Winner

Congrat's to blueviolet .... you are the winner of Silent in the Sanctuary.  Kindly send me an email to: h.bluehorizon(at)gmail.com with were you would like this fine literary work mailed and I will get it off to you this week.

Also ..... I've decided that since I have ton's of books .... some new, some used, some read only once.  That I'm going to have a book giveaway weekly.  So check back everyone!  You may be a winner soon.


Today's picture was not taken by me.  I do however own a copy of it.  It's by Raymond Gehman (my like favorite Natl Geo photog & and fellow Pennsylvanian).  

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The Machine & Me said...

Wild Woman,
I love that picture you posted. It looks like he's got irritable owl syndrome. See ya at the office,
your blog partner forever.