October 9, 2008


In my house we do not share dogs. Charlotte is mine and Clarice belongs to hubby. Now some may think this arrangement is a bit strange. But if you know anything about Jack Russell Terriers....then you know that they are one man (or woman in this case) dogs. So Charlotte belongs to me or rather I should say I belong to Charlotte. 

Officially named Redstone Charlotte.  She is registered with the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America (JRTCA).   Born the 24th of May 2001.  When I decided I wanted a Jack I started talking to breeders.   I dragged my poor hubby to breeders in 3 states before I settled on Chris Furst at Redstone.  She had a couple litters planed for the year.  So I just needed to wait till one of them produced the puppy I wanted.  So I waited and waited....looked at puppy pictures.  And finally a year later Charlotte came along.  

Why all the fuss you might be asking.  Well I settled on the JRTCA instead of the AKC cause they have active field judging to wild quarry.  So not just dirt dog trials.  But actually live hunt judging.  They also have aggressive DNA profiling.  And a genetic disease weed out program.  

So I got a genetically clean hunting machine....no surprises!  I knew right what to expect.  And I got exactly that.  Charlotte will go through dry wall to get to a mouse.  She is aggressive underground.  She will hold a groundhog till called off (and sometimes longer).  Mice, rats, voles are things of the past.  

I love her tenacity and grit in the field...her dedication to the job....and her loyalty to me.  I also like that she can burn her energy and become the ultimate couch potato.  Charlotte comes pretty much everywhere with me.  She comes to work some days.  I usually take her on vacation.  She rides in the car great, so extended work trips are not a problem.  

Everyone always comments on how incredible well behaved she is.  "I can't believe she is a Jack Russell" they say.  Believe it.  The girl is true blue.  Then I talk about her breeding and the JRTCA and how I did lots of research into the breed and breeders and waited forever to get her.  And how she has a job....and gets lots of exercise and how she is crate trained and spends most days with me.  And that we have an acre fenced in....blah blah blah.  And they say "Oh...that's probable not the dog for us then."  

But that's okay.....cause as much as I love the breed.  They are not for everyone.  But if a Jack Russell is for you.  Definitely check out the JRTCA.  They rock.  And are protecting working dogs.  And the best thing about a Jack Russell Terrier is there attitude toward work.

Do you have a dog?  What kind?  Post a link to pictures if you have them available online.  Cheers!
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Far Side of Fifty said...

Charlotte sounds like she is a perfect fit for you! She is pretty cute and photographs well!
I was a Sheltie person for almost 18 years. Then we were at the last of our line..dogless for three years(a very sad time for two dog lovers). My husband now has time to spend with a dog..so he chose a Border Collie "Chance"..probably our last chance for a dog. They are best friends! I do have a few pictures of him on my blog..Ready Set Fly back in Sept and a new photo up just yesterday on my new photo blog. Life with a dog is good:)

laurie said...

i love jack russells. a friend of mine just got one, and she is not used to dogs. i hope she does well with it. they're wilful and energetic. but damn they're cute.

boscoe is doug's dog and riley is mine, technically--that is, he picked out boscoe, and i picked out riley. but it's all share and share alike with us. the dogs seem to take turns hanging out with one or the other of us. they're funny that way.

Tami said...

Far Side of Fifty....Shelties are great. I have two friends that have them and they are both just really nice dogs.

Laurie...Boscoe and Riley are great!