September 30, 2008

Wildflower Snaps From the Tractor Seat

One of the reasons I enjoy my tractor time is that it is a solitary pursuit. Event though it takes a bit of concentration (stayin' between the rows/not getting whacked in the head by low branches/makin' sure the hogs not boggin' down/not hitting any trees - ya' catch my drift right?) I can multi-task. There is a lot of time to check out the world around me. When mowin' tree rows ya go slow....excruciatingly slow. Here are some wildflower snaps from my tractor seat.

Solidago speciosa aka 'Showy Goldenrod'

Aster pilosus aka 'Heath Aster'

I confess, I didn't mow this one down. It's blue. I just couldn't do it. Mostly because it's blue. So I took one x-tra minute...disengaged the PTO, raised the deck and went around. And all things considered I think it was the best minute of the's certainly the one I feel the best about. Did I mention my blue justification?

Now if I can just figure out what the heck it is....I'm going with Aster. But is is Aster patens, Aster novae-angliae, Aster azureus, or my best guess of Aster puniceus? Anyone have any ideas?


Far Side of Fifty said...

The 'Showy Goldenrod' is beautiful.
Your aster is very pretty also. It has a lot of rays like A. novae-angliae. Was it really tall? With a hefty stalk?
It seems too large and full of rays to be A. patens. Slender stem? and shorter in growth habit?
Both of these have very similar leaves, narrow and clasping..
Very often the leaf is the key, and I can't see a leaf!
A, puncicus has toothed leaves and a reddish stem.
A. azureus I am not familar with..but it seems to have a larger leaf also..possibly with smoother edges than A. puncicus edges.
I would guess A. novae-angliae..but that is based only on the numerous rays.
I enjoyed your blog and it helped to renew my love of the Aster family!!:)

Tami said...

Thank you so much for posting. I'm going to go out tonight and get a couple more shots...including leaves this time...please check back so you can tell me what you think.