September 13, 2008

What's that Lassie? Timmy's in the well!

Okay....not in the well.

But in a hole.

Not what I wanted to wake up to....rushed for work.  Let the "girls" out.  

20 minutes later I'm ready to leave the house for the Nursery.  

Call for Charlotte.


Call for Clarice.

Around the bend she comes.  Stops.  I say where is Charlotte.  She takes off.  I follow.  I am led to this.  Charlotte pup-pups rear end sticking out of the ground.  I am not mad.  I'm used to it.  I am owned by 2 Jack Russell Terriers.  And they have me well trained.  

I know that things underground are infinitely more interesting to them then things above ground.

So I go back to the house.  Grab my camera.  And play the game again.




Around the bend she comes.

"Clarice.....where is Charlotte."
And she takes off.  I follow.  I am led to the "hole".  Charlotte is digging.  I wait.  And wait.....and wait.  Eventually I say "Charlotte....what are you digging to girl?"  She backs out looks at me for a nano second and goes back at it.

Clarice waits nearby.

Digging is not Clarice's deal.  Charlotte is Clarice's deal.  Making sure that everyone knows what Charlotte is doing is Clarice's deal.  Clarice is all about Charlotte.

Charlotte is all about dirt.  And the things that reside beneath it.  Chasing, cornering, digging, holding.....that's Charlotte.

How long did this go on.  Well I just couldn't put an immediate stop to it.  I couldnt.  How awful would that have been for Charlotte.  So I went in the house.  Called the Nursery.  Said I'm going to be a little late.  Made steel cut oats for breakfast, ate them, went back out.


"Clarice".....repeat of first two attempts.  Clarice plays it the same the third time as she did the first two times.  Maybe even with a little more enthusiasm.  I know it needs to come to an end.  
And Charlotte has an okay recall she won't want to stop but she will.  And it will take a few minutes to clean out her eyes and check her pads.  But I have a few more minutes.  And honestly it is great to watch her dig.  So I settle down on a rock and watch.....

It was then that I realized that Clarice was standing in Poison Ivy.  

Game over.

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