September 22, 2008

Stolen Bike Wants To Go Home

Last Friday, in the wee hours of the morning. Someone stole my bike. Well actually. They stole my bike and left the above model in it's place. Now why would someone do that? Did they think that it wasn't stealing if they exchanged it? 

Did they take there yucky Wal-Mart special for a mid-night ride in the country and spot my tricked out Giant through night vision goggles and were suddenly overcome with the urge for an upgrade. Whatever the reason. I can tell you this. I do not want the Wal-Mart special. I want my bike back. 

I miss her. Really I do. I bought her special order from the bike store, a Giant Sedona in forest green and silver. She has a head light. And green slime in the tires so they never go totally flat.  She went back to the bike store yearly for a tune up.  I saved my pennies for 4 months for that bike. She has been a valued member of my daily commute for 3 years. 

On the count of three I want a pity party.  WAAAAHHHHHHH!

Also...the bike you left...wants to go home.  So come and get 'er!

1 comment: said...

That's like if someone stole our tractor and left a lawnmower in its place.

That sucks, I'm sorry.