September 23, 2008

Saturday's Dog Hike

Last Saturday's group dog hike at Moraine State Park led by Kelly the Naturalist, gave Clarice a wonderful opportunity to expose herself to as many fellow canines as possible. And she took full advantage.

As soon as we arrived she picked her first target. Threw herself on her back and wiggled till the dog fully understood that she is seriously submissive.

A little past the sunken garden we spotted some beaver action. I had no idea that beavers didn't keep gnawing trees till they were on the ground. They stop at about right there and then leave them to fall when there ready. Interesting.

Clarice was the smallest dog on the hike but she kept up, completing a little over 2 miles of moderate hilly terrain in a little over 1 1/2 hours. Her size didn't detere her till the end...

Swimming and rough housing with the big dogs wasn't an option. We did get soaked though!

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